Friday, September 24, 2010

Please visit this website: An Orphans Wish

Not the Ch*na that the orphan experiences.

Our first meeting of our Elijah aka Wu, Chong Li
 The business that was in charge of his life and well being for six years along with 599 other precious kids.
 Not a home, but better than the alternative.
In your spare time please visit  When we attended Timberline Church in Fort Collins we were part of a group called Welcome Child.  We met some wonderful people and one of those people is LeeAnn president, board of directors of An Orphans Wish. She has adopted four daughters from China.  Adoption is the answer for some children, but what about the millions that are never adopted?  We must also think of the orphans left behind, and what are we doing to help them.  To get a better perspective on the plight of the orphan please read "Silent Tears" by Kay Bratt.  We need to open our heart and eyes to see the truth in our world.  Not everyone can adopt,but we can donate a few dollars every month to make a difference.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lord, how could I doubt your will???????

Job 5:16
So the poor  have hope and injustice shuts its mouth.
The beauty of all ages

Close to the India Gate
Does Denver really have traffic?
Our Sneha two years ago.

Common sights of hard working people.

Snacks anyone???

Sacred to some.
How is it that our sin side has a wresting match with God's perfect will for our lives?  God gives us the answers, but we still ask for more confirmation.  A group is going to India in the spring and I have wanted to go.  I know that money is the easy part for our God, but somehow I doubt that it can be accomplished.  Yesterday in church I prayed,"Lord please give me a clear answer about the trip to India.  I want this to be your will and not my own, clear the cobwebs out of the corners of my heart to hear your words.  I want to do what is right and what you plan for my life.  I don't want to be selfish.  Please give me an answer that I can recognize because I am slow to catch on.  Amen."   Not even 24 hours later an answer by email from India was in the inbox.  Holly, "Would you consider coming to India to help us out and meet?"God called  all the way to India to give me answer.  God's heart is for the orphan and the lost.  He will move heaven and earth to bless them.  I know that he will provide the money for my trip and I shouldn't worry about that small detail.  God wants our hearts and will and he will provide the way.  Count me in and I am so excited.

1 Samuel 12:24
But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all you heart, consider what great things he has done for you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jesus Keep My Heart Alive................(Sanctus Real)

The two countries across the world that changed our lives forever

The beautiful colors of India

The women in India in their beauty

More beauty in India

A culture so vibrant that our  Sneha never had a chance to take part in

Such good healthy food that I miss so much, yummy roti

An India so crowded that so many are forgotten

If it had not been for God's calling to us our Sneha would have been lost in a sea of faces.

The doorway that changed my world view forever

People celebrate, when we that are so blessed would be inclined to complain about job satisfaction.

The smile is emerging

Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010

The older brother that tried and gave us paitience  for the future

The broken-hearted that only our God can heal
The one that loves her siblings with fervor

The one who waited so long now can sign "Mom"

Lord please,  "Give us rest and peace to do your will"
Fall is in the air.  School is back in session and the learning has begun again.  How do we explain the differences in our choices to the so innocent looking choices of others?  Mom,"Everyone in  school has a cell phone, but I don't?"  This  is just ,but the tip of the ice berg of problems of the "I deserve it  mentality of America."  I try to explain our belief differences with-out sending a negative message.  Some people spend money on lots of new fun gadgets?  Our money is not our own.  We need to be responsible with our spending and giving to our children.  How much is too much??????The sad truth is that "we" Americans think that more is always better, but is it really?  So many children are so terribly spoiled with no responsibility to help  out the family and get what ever their hearts desires, and NOW.  We wonder why they grow up not wanting to help and love the things of God's heart.  We taught them to love things not truths and what God loves.  Our children are learning that giving has to hurt to make a difference.  Do we really need the best cell phone?  One of my personal cut backs was to get rid of my cell phone.  How freeing and no more expense.  This small sacrifices don't even hurt.  Mom, "Why do we give so much to the church?"  God only asks for 10% of our money.  With an eternity in heaven is 10% that much????Really?????Why does doing what is right always seem harder than going with the flow of the world.  We are entrusted raising God's treasures and we must lead by example.  We must be good stewards with little in order to have much entrusted to us.