Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The New Normal

Time flies..................

Life is starting to settle  into a new normal.  It is such a good feeling to have our family complete for now.  If one would have asked me 20 years ago how many kids Brent and I were going to have, the answer would have been zero.  I guess I was content with the two of us, but I am so glad that God had bigger plans for our lives.  His plans are bigger and better than we could ever imagine    All of our 5 kids have unique and individual personalities.  I can't imagine them ever moving out!   When I was younger I was so self absorbed to have time for others, sad that I wasted so much time in selfishness!!!
The Lord has been reminding the pain of Job and the Egyptians and that we must be thankful for our health.  I can't imagine the pain of having boils all over one's body.  Since my return from Africa I have had 2 boils.  I can say I would go again in a heart beat even with this and my terrible sickness upon return..  We are so lucky here in the US to have access to health care and medication.  For two weeks I have nausea, sweating, and chills.  I think this is all to help me better understand what children living in orphanages and in close quarters suffer with.  The difference being that I have the love of a family and resources.  I pray that I never forget those that cannot speak for themselves.  Looking for to trip to Portland today with Sneha's new neurologist.  It is always good to have change of scenery.
  1. Exodus 9:8
    [ The Plague of Boils ] Then the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “Take handfuls of soot from a furnace and have Moses toss it into the air in the presence of Pharaoh.
  2. Exodus 9:9
    It will become fine dust over the whole land of Egypt, and festering boils will break out on people and animals throughout the land.”
  3. Exodus 9:10
    So they took soot from a furnace and stood before Pharaoh. Moses tossed it into the air, and festering boils broke out on people and animals.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hard week, but we made it

Joyce started 1st grade on Wednesday.  Lots of adjustments in the Arnold house.  Let's just say Sneha looked like an angel before school this week.  Adoption is loss, change, redemption, and learning to have patience and love.  Some days are just one foot in front of the other.  Some are just standing one's ground.  My friend and fellow adoptive mother, Debbie Hard, says that if we can get through the first 6 months of adjustment things settle down after that and a new normal is formed.  I am hanging on to those words, and know that God placed our family together.  I find the music from GLEE a good distraction.  I am so glad that we have 5 children.  My life is never boring.  I am thankful that we have good insurance to take part in all of the resources we have here in America.  We are so blessed to live in this country!!!I think of the places I have had the privilege to travel to we have so many resources.  Elijah had life saving skull surgery.  He may not have been in this world without it.  Sneha had her ear drums repaired so she now hears the world around her, and she couldn't for the first 8 years of her life.  Not to mention seizure medication so she is alert to the world around her.  Fewer and fewer days of being in a seizure fog.  Joyce will soon be able to hear the world around her.  She will have an FM system in school so the teacher's voice will transmit directly into her hearing aide so she can learn.  So let us rejoice in this time of economic down turn, and proclaim with God all things are possible.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Swimming in Ghana-remembering the fun

We are so happy to have our family complete this Easter Season! So thankful that our Savior died so we can have eternal life.  I am so happy that I am not waiting for someone to come home this year. With our family complete we can set our sights on the future and what role we can play in helping the orphan and missions.   We will miss our family this season.  I wish we were going to have time with family at Uncle Mark's house.  Sometimes if life we move where the jobs are and we miss the people that we leave behind:(  All in good time  we will meet people and make connections, it just takes time. 

In the mean time we are very busy with appointments and everyday life.  Joyce had her first teeth cleaning and two cavaites filled, only 6 to go!  The ENT signed off on her hearing and now she can get hearing aides to start hearing life around her.  We also have a very big day on Monday, Joyce will be starting school.  She will start on individual learning plan and I am hoping for a great experience.  She is adjusting to family life and hoping school will be icing on the cake for her.  She is so smart, but just needs extra help to catch up.