Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts of summer

My friend Debbie
We are thankful for a summer spent getting to know new friends. Elijah and his friend Luke are both from China brought together here in America. At Timberline church we were brought together with other adoptive families to spread the word of adoption to the world and give our children friends with situations in common and a good point of reference for us parents. We can make a difference in our world one child at a time.


Thinking back one year ago and the wait seemed so long. How was life in China how, how was he doing, did he even know that we were coming to get him and thinking of him constantly???? Well thank goodness he is here with us for his first all American birthday --cake, ice cream, cousins, grandparents, and lots of presents.

What a summer-hot, hot, and hotter. We survived and we are back to school. Graedy is in fifth grade at Beattie, and Elise is in third grade at Beattie. Elijah attends first grade at Johnson , the closest elementary with an English second language program.

Brent has finally started his new phase of his life. Out with the old and in with the new!!!!! A chance to enjoy life once again. A career with the same motivation as his life and beliefs in God above. Praise the lord for the man from St. Andrew's with a job lead!!!!!