Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

      Busy week as usual.  I leave for India on Friday, wow did this sneak up.  We are working on completing the Adoption Alliance packet for Ghana, lots and lots of paper work.  Last week we did our Colorado fingerprints and this week are doing  the US and Ghana medicals.  Six people to the doctor all in one week and I am thankful they are understanding about all the forms to be filled out.  Of course my sinuses are in terrible shape before the trip so it is a good thing I have a doctors appointment this afternoon.  Brent is still waiting for insurance and employment papers from his job.  This all will help us get a jump start on things and we will be able to start the home study process again when I return.   I can't wait until every thing is turned in and we can just wait to travel to Ghana.  It sounds like an amazing place to visit and what could be better than meeting our little girl.  She has waited a long time for a family and we have waited 4 years for our Ghana adoption to become a reality.

      Did I mention that I am so excited for the chance to be a part and witness lives changing!  I love India and I can't wait to go back.  So different than my trips before no child to bring back and no adoption paperwork.  I am excited to finally go to the beach, it has been a  long time.  I will miss my family, but what a great opportunity~