Friday, September 12, 2008

September 2008

Our Elijah ,the little funny guy! We never could have hoped for a child to fit into our family any better. He is just as stubborn, willful, and competitive as Graedy and Elise. God placed him in our home with all of us in mind. We are so thankful that he is here!!!!

Our Miss Elise the girl who is gifted with the flare for decorating and a big help when her heart is so inclined . I walked to the rythm of my own tune and in good time. An inspiration to all kids who want to know how to cook and bake. A true lover of animals.

Graedy our fifth grader is now in flag football and loving it! He just seems to be naturally gifted with grace and strength. He is very dilligent about his homework and reading. He is now so thoughtful of his little brother and very helpful.

Grace Sneha waiting in India.............