Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Expect the unexpected.....

November 4, 2014

Over a year and I haven't posted.  Life is busy and good.  We have new news we are adopting ,again a baby girl from Henan China.  We totally weren't expecting this.  We were reviewing the files of a brother and sister from Uganda .  Sunday night two weeks ago I prayed , God if these children are not for us please let it be perfectly clear.  So clear that we can't mistake you.  We as humans mess up a lot.  We want to make good choices for our entire family.   So Monday morning there was a message from Chinese children international .  We had not talked to them for quite a while.  So I called them back and they said they had a possible match for us.  My mind was spinning, how could we have a possible match?  We didn't realize that when we filled out a family profile and medical conditions check list to view a child's file off of Reece's rainbow that we could be called with a potential match.  So I called them back and they had a file of a baby girl for us to look at!!!  Unknown to everyone was that I secretly had been praying for a baby girl from China.  I had been praying this for years and thought it wouldn't come true.  Our God is bigger than any hopes and dreams we might have or imagine.  Once again I am in awe of the great God we serve.

Last year at this time was hard to say the least.  From June until November I had been struggling with feeling bad.  I was dizzy, had shortness of breath, and chest palpitations.  Feeling terrible and trying to be a good mother engaged with the children left me feeling exhausted.  I prayed and prayed for things to get better.  I wasn't even excited for the holidays which is so unlike me.  I love holidays and Christmas !!! I have learned to manage my postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.  I drink lots of fluid, take salt tabs(to raise my bp), rest enough and limit my walking.   I am feeling better all the time.  I won't be able to go to china which makes me so sad:(.  Brent will bring baby girl home and experience her china.

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