Monday, February 4, 2013

 Elise, Elijah, Grandpa and Graedy in the mountains last summer

Elijah, Elise, and Graedy on their visit to Colorado

 Elk with Christmas lights wrapped in antlers in Estes Park
View from drive way where I grew up

Last week was rough.  Graedy had the colonoscopy and endoscopy at children's in Portland.  They took very good care of him and his stay was pretty non eventful.  We did find out that he has some form of  inflammatory bowel disease not the answer we had hoped for.  On Wednesday we find out if he has crohnes or ulcerative colitis.  Then on Thursday our beloved Davinci dog of 14 years  had a massive seizure in the day time and then he died that night.  We miss him so much and his faithful companion Dali had some very sad days.  We have always wanted to adopt a greyhound so when we are moved and settled we will get one.  They are supposed to be great dogs.  The news for Joy was we get to wait to take out her tonsils for at least of couple of months.  Good news and hopefully we can wait until summer.  Looking forward to the new house and finally being able to fell at home once again.


Joy and Geoff said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog.

I hope to have another greyhound one day - our first grey was the most wonderful dog I think I will ever have. I love the hounds (basset and foxhound) I have now, but there really is something special about greyhounds (and they tend to be a lot quieter and less needy than the scenthounds that currently run my house)!

Joanna said...

Is that elk real? Crazy! :)